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Our Story

Antonio Mozzarella Factory finds it roots 80 years ago in a provincial town of Calabria, Italy where the finest milk was used to make quality cheeses.
Today, in our New Jersey facility, we follow the same time-honored tradition of our founder by carefully making our cheese with milk from local dairies for delicious and award-winning results.



Thomas Pugliese, our company founder, takes a 2-week vacation to Calabria, Italy and turns it into a 2-year commitment at his family’s cheese-making facility. Here, Thomas learns the family tradition of mozzarella making from his grandparents.

Thomas returns to the United States and continues his cheese making education at a goat farm in Pennsylvania, making goat cheeses.

Antonio Mozzarella opens as a deli & catering facility in Springfield, New Jersey. The name is created in honor of Thomas’ mentor, Antonio.

The deli expands into a bigger facility across the street, where Thomas continues to attract the attention of local food retailers. Antonio Mozzarella becomes Antonio Mozzarella Factory.

Antonio Mozzarella Factory grows out of its second facility and moves to its current location in Newark, New Jersey.