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Fresh Ricotta

Ricotta literally means 're-cooked' in Italian. This is because the process of making ricotta involves re-cooking the whey after the milk solids have been separated out. This is why ricotta is considered a whey-cheese.

The process of making ricotta is a tedious one. The delicate curds that are formed through the process need to be handled carefully to avoid affecting the texture and flavor. At Antonio Mozzarella Factory, we have three different types of Ricotta for all your cooking needs - each one made with the upmost care and attention to quality.

Hand ladled ricotta

Hand Ladled

Our award-winning Hand-Ladled Ricotta has delighted consumers world-wide and continues to seduce palettes! The best way to enjoy this ricotta is by the spoonfuls, but it is also fantastic on toasted bread or swirled in a creamy butternut squash or tomato soup.

Nutritional Information

Available in 3-lb and 1.5-lb tins

6lb. 3lb. tin

3-lb tins

1.5lb tin

1.5-lb tins

Old Fashioned


We scoop our ricotta fresh every day to preserve its creaminess and texture. We make it in a whole milk and part skim varieties. The super creamy texture is fantastic as an ingredient in many popular baked dishes.

Nutritional Information: whole milk

Nutritional Information: part skim

Available in 3-lb and 15-oz containers

3lb. tub

Whole Milk & Skim Milk, 3-lb Tub


Whole Milk & Part Skim 15-oz

Recipe suggestions: Ricotta-Stuffed Zucchini with Pancetta



For specialty bakers and pasta makers, this pastry ricotta is the key to quality baked goods and pasta dishes. Our impastata is the perfect balance of cream and moisture to ensure success in all your Cannoli, ricotta cheese cake and ravioli recipes.

Nutritional Information

Available in 10-lb and 30-lb totes



Ricottone is made by combining ricotta and milk which is then pressed in molds overnight for a deliciously creamy result. Ricottone is a spreadable cheese to be enjoyed over lightly toasted Italian bread, or in any baked pasta dishes that call for ricotta cheese. Our ricottone is made to order, so it is delivered fresh to your door.